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How it's work ?

The best way to earn money easily and automatically.

1 ) Register and get your link

When you register, you will get an affiliate link that will allow you to accurately track your results.

2 ) Share your link

Share your affiliate link on instagram, on your website, in your shop, on your Youtube channel or by message to all your friends.

3 ) Someone click on your link

If someone clicks on your link and discovers our website thanks to you, we record this data and you can see your click count in your dashboard.

4 ) Someone buy some magic

If someone buys followers or likes, you will earn the commissions below automatically. The user can buy immediately or after a few months, you will get your commission in any case thanks to our system.

5 ) Receive your commissions every month

Every 1st of the month we send out all the commissions you have generated. You can choose to be paid only via Paypal and crypto currency for the moment.

How much you will earn ?

if a user chooses a plan below, the amount will be added to your balance automatically.

When someone buy Followers

500 Followers = You earn 3€
2500 Followers = You earn 9€
5000 Followers = You earn 16,50€
10 000 Followers = You earn 30€
15 000 Followers = You earn 45€
20 000 Followers = You earn 57€
25 000 Followers = You earn 72€
30 000 Followers = You earn 84€
50 000 Followers = You earn 132€
100 000 Followers = You earn 175,5€
200 000 Followers = You earn 300€
500 000 Followers = You earn 750€

When Someone Buy Likes

250 Likes = You earn 1,05€
500 Likes = You earn 1,50€
1000 Likes = You earn 3€
2500 Likes = You earn 6€
5000 Likes = You earn 10,50€
10000 Likes = You earn 19,50€
20000 Likes = You earn 36€
25000 Likes = You earn 45€
30000 Likes = You earn 52,50€
50000 Likes = You earn 75€
100000 Likes = You earn 120€

General Information

A magician never explains his tricks and we cannot explain the unexplainable. However, these questions and their answers might help you.

Yes, a parent or guardian will need to agree to the terms of the membership agreement, so it is sufficient that he or she is with you when you sign up.

Anyone can join our affiliate programme.

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Every 1st of the month we send out all the commissions you have generated. You can choose to be paid only via Paypal and crypto currency for the moment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily create one here:  create a PayPal Account for free.
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Because I am a magician…

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